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Wadi Ghweir Camp

Wadi Ghweir Camp is an eco-friendly, tourist-friendly and family-friendly establishment, opened recently, and owned by local community members. Through the development of Faynan, they are establishing economic opportunities for the local community, providing sustainable alternatives for the tourist industry in Jordan and presenting visitors with the experience of a lifetime.

With 7 cottages that accommodate 14 visitors, large traditional Bedouin tent accommodating 20 visitors, and 20 movable tents that can accommodate 40 visitors, all surrounding the camp, guests can rest in comfort under the stars, explore the history, culture and nature under the sun, and learn more about the south of Jordan through new experiences. The scenic desert scenery, archaeological sites, and starry nights allure the inner wanderer in everyone. The opportunity to interact with local Bedouins, cook traditional meals, and lodge in authentic Jordanian tents and cottages will leave the south of Jordan in visitor’s hearts.

Lodging accommodations at the camp vary in size, style and capacity. Depending on their needs and wants, visitors have the option of selecting between a traditional Bedouin tent, Bedouin-style cottage, or a brick cottage, for the duration of their stay. All options are consistent with Faynan’s promise to sustainability, eco-friendliness and comfort. The campgrounds are also accommodating to all types of guests, because while they do aim for adventure, they aim for inclusivity for all. Visitors can enjoy a variety of healthy dishes and a selection of local produce and spices. As a part of their promise to corporate social responsibility and inclusivity, they purchase goods and ingredients from the few local sellers in the community markets and employ locals to assist in the camp.

You can check their Facebook page to know more information and book a room, or have a meal at their new established campsite!


Location of the Wadi Ghweir Camp