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Nubian Nightjar

Caprimulgus nubicus

Rare resident

Not found at Neolithic WF16

The Nubian Nightjar inhabits dry, flat lowlands with tamarisk stands and natural palm groves, usually near water. Whilst not present in Wadi Faynan itself, the Nubian Nightjar can be found at the nearby Tassan and Buerdah springs.

But the nightjar is extremely difficult to locate. Not only is it nocturnal – hence its name – it is also very secretive and silent, apart from in the spring when the typical song of males can be heard at sunset and throughout the night. They roost and nest on the ground, making sure to flatten themselves into a ‘vanishing’ posture when danger approaches. The best chance of seeing or hearing these birds is at dawn or dusk, or on nights when the moonlight is particularly strong.


Image credit: ‘Nubian Nightjar’ by AGAMI Photo Agency from Alamy Stock Photo